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    Written by Luke Summerfield
    on August 25, 2016


    What does your customer experience look like? Do your customers go out of their way to tell others about it? If not, you may have some problems.

    To grow your business and create brand advocates, developing a remarkable customer experience is absolutely key. You may be providing value to the customer, but if they hate the process they have to go through to get that value… it’s likely they won’t stick around long.

    How do you develop a remarkable customer experience?

    In today’s “Bite-Sized Bits” we will break down some mindsets and approaches you can use with your team while developing your business’ customer experience. Let’s take a look.

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    Welcome back to Keyy.io Bite-Sized-Bits.

    Where we can get about Bite sized ideas and how can I help you or your company to hit its true potential. Today's topic is how to create the best user experience possible whether it's your business, whether new business or your existing business no matter what kind of business you have, how do you create the best user experience possible I will give you an awesome exercise that you can do with your teams trying to figure that out.

    My name is Luke Summerfield and I am coming to you today from, you could see for the back run here for those you watching the YouTube video from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Just down the road from where I live in the state. And you can see the Harry Potter looking building in the background is the meal hall the chaw how where all the freshmen eat their lunches and breakfast every day.

    So, going to the topic of how to create the best user experience possible. I have an amazing exercise for you before we start the exercise or explain that exercise. I want you to make a few notes the first note is that I think that when people go to start creating anything whether it's user experience or it's a brainstorm to try to solve a problem whatever it is. A lot of times they come in with some very limited thinking and preconceive notation  that can restrict their ability to bring some  best solution for certain things and so in this case we think about how to build something for businesses for the their user experience often times what I see and what I have fallen into the trap myself  is to think about how to we build something that scares, how do we build something that we can implement with thousand or two thousand people or ten thousand people.

    The second you walk into the conversation brainstorming in the conversation with that preconceived notion like we are only going to think about think that can scale you are limiting you are constricting your ideas, you are constricting your thought parents and your brainstorming ability to of that and so we need to completely throw that out of the window and not think about those things and of course and there is going to be some level that we need to match, what is this I deal if we have unlimited resources, unlimited budget all this how do we match that with something that's realistic for our circumstances of our business. But going into the conversation, going into the brainstorming with that mindset is only going to constrict your ideas.

    That's kind of my first point am just thinking just step away from your day to day, step away from what you are doing today, step away from your preconceived notion that has to be skill able for you to do and start thinking about more of the ideal like in an ideal world so that's kind like number one.

    The second reason you want to do that is not only does that constrict your brainstorming in your thought pattern but the second thing is that if you are in a startup, if you are starting to get the ball rolling it doesn't matter of scale. You don't want it to scale, you just want it to work. You want things that build traction, you want things that provides such an amazing user you experience that person is going to go out of their way to tell their  friends and families.

    Many times providing that type of user experience when you are first starting out, first building interaction isn't that something necessarily scale. So, the exercise itself is the first one get together with your team and set the ground rules that we get to eliminate all those preconceived notion that we had to be thinking about things that scalel and tell them in an ideal world with unlimited budget, unlimited resources doesn't matter if it scares this is kind of we have the limitless possibilities of what we could create. Second thing ask each person in the room to write down someone you deeply care for whether it's their mother, sister, father, brother significant other whoever it is someone that they absolutely deeply care for. 

    Step three give a hypothetical scenario if this person your mother, your father, brother, sister or significant other if this person was a customer and if they were only customer we only had one. What is the ideal customer experience you'd want to give to that person? What is the mother experience, what is the father experience, what is the brother, sister, significant other experience that you would give that person in an ideal world.

    Thinking about it from you know whatever journey part of the journey you are focusing in on but let's say whatever that particular part of the journey you are focusing in on what is the ideal experience for that person and you are going to start coming up with very different experience based out of that. Think about giving one single individual the experience that best fits that person and that goes above and beyond and is remarkable, like wow I can't believe that I got treated so well experience that's where we want to start the conversation, that's where we want to brainstorm to try and create. And I think it's important to use significant other in that context because it helps you really make sure that you are doing things that you can keep those people in mind as you building that out. So for example let's say I was starting a touring of Boston, touring of Harvard university since that’s where we are today.

    The way that I tailor an experience and the things that I would do it will be for my mother, let's say my mother and father visited town last summer and we took them all around town knowing about them, knowing who they are, knowing what their preferences are, knowing what time they go to bed, what time they wake up, what kind of food they like, what type of activities they enjoy doing. I can then tailor this experience very differently for them. If you came to me with the same question, how we build amazing tour of Boston and I immediately thought ok how I do this for 10,000 people the experience and the things that I personally interact with them and that will be very different. So what am I get is that's the starting point we need to think about how do we tailor that unique experience for a single individual and what would be the ideal.

    The last part of this activity is saying ok if that what's the ideal looks like that's the ideal user experience. How do we use things like technology, how do we use because most likely when you first start out a lot of that stuff's not going to be technology like if I thought about my mother going through specific user experience of a company there would lot of phone calls, lot of impressions, there would be lot of hand holding and really getting to know them and spending lot of time with them and all of this and really coaching them long way to provide their remarkable experience.

    Once we've got that kind of journey for that individual now it's time to step back and say ok if this is the ideal looks like for one person. How do we start thinking about using things like technology, using things like other outside resources in order to try and make that same exact experience scale and at that point that's where you start introducing that idea of scaling that user experience and you may find that there are certain things that you just absolutely can't scale it's very hard so for you, you need to determine depending on the size your business, where you are and the type of  experience you want to give those people and something that you are willing to invest some extra time and energy in knowing that it's not going to scale. Is that moment in that person's journey so critical to providing a remarkable experience that you are willing to invest that extra time and energy into that moment versus automating it or something like that. so going through the journey and looking at those different things. So anyway you could start to build how a scale based looks like.

    So little bit sized activity for you to use as you starting to bring some how to create the best user experience possible start with the individual, start with the loved one's what would be the ideal and than from there say what are the pieces, what are the steps in the journey that we may want to automate or we may want to do in some different way in order to be able to scale it, what are the things that we really want to double down on and invest our time and energy into it and we know that it's not scale but it's worth it in terms of providing a remarkable experience.

    So, any other thought you have feel free to write in the comment, we love to have a conversation on your thoughts and things that you have learned along your way, your journey of customers experiences. If this is interesting topic, you think it would be helpful for your colleague, for business owners or other you know people please share to them and make sure you can subscribe either to the YouTube channel or Podcast. We have both of them depending to your choice for more great Bite-Sized ideas both for business or personal just kind of growing to your potential. And check out key.io key with two y’s .io for more tools, resources and training’s on how to help you to hit your true performance.

    So, I will talk to you soon. Thanks for listening.

    Good Bye!

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