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Luke Summerfield

I wake up each morning excited to inspire others to peak performance. I do this at HubSpot as the Partner Program Manager, advising, speaking and writing.
26 Jun 2016
Mental Fitness Meditation | 9 min read

How to ACTUALLY Start Meditating - [practical steps]

Interested in meditation? Tried to start meditation before, but couldn...

07 Jun 2016
email Books | 1 min read

Top Books, Dealing with Email, and What I'd Tell my 20-Year-Old Self - A chat with Luke Summerfield

Last week we hosted our annual Partner Day US event at our HubSpot HQ ...

17 Jan 2016

Lucid Dreaming: A How to Guide

What if I told you that flying like a bird, hanging out with celebriti...

11 Jan 2016

Learn How to Read a Book a Week

  How long does it take you to read a book? ... two books? ... 52 book...

27 Dec 2015
Life Coaching | 12 min read

Jump into the Drivers Seat - Lifestyle Design and Setting Life Goals

  Your dream life isn't going to just magically happen on it's own. As...

11 Nov 2015
| 19 min read

The Lean Program Manager Playbook

Being HubSpot's first ever Program Manager, there was a lot of fuzzine...

01 Nov 2015
| 20 min read

How to CRUSH Public Speaking - [next level tips & tactics]

For the last 13 years I've been doing some form of presenting, startin...

31 Oct 2015

"I don't have time for..." (here's the answer)

We hear this all the time, "I don't have time to do...."  Gary breaks ...

18 Mar 2015
Time Peak Performance | 8 min read

Working at Peak Performance: When to do what work

If you’re hungry to do your best and achieve your goals, you’ve likely...

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