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Organize your content, courses and memberships into a centralized community

Stop hitting limits, losing content,
and fighting algorithms.

Attract more members and build your education business machine.

With a thriving community, your education business can finally scale

Learners love to learn off each other. They also trust educators who have a following. That’s why you work so hard to build your community.

Keyy is the platform for coaches, educators and course creators. It lets you build a thriving education business by harnessing the powers of an engaged community. But with Keyy, you can:

Attract new members to one single place

Build private member areas with smooth upgrade flows.

Integrate with other platforms and extend your community further

How’s Keyy different from whatever you already use?


Community-driven posts

Your members can create posts, ask questions, leave comments, chat with each other and pass knowledge around



In the same place, members can chat in real-time too - this is often where the best ideas come from


Directly embed content

Keep members inside your community platform by embedding content direct - no more wandering off to another website


access levels

Public, community-only and private areas to make a whole learning ecosystem


World-class search

With constant updates to the content in the community, having the best search functionality is key to users


SEO-ified for Google

Does that mean ‘Search Engine Optimized-ified’? Think so. Either way, your community will be an organic traffic source


Host your courses

Host simple online courses directly in your community platform.


Freemium content journey

With a paid-for community platform, you can offer tiered experiences with different price points from free upwards


are here

We’ve made sure your community platform integrates with all the other big data systems you’ll be using - and no dev required

Slack and Facebook groups are nice…

… but they don’t help you scale an education business.

We've pulled the best elements from other tools and layered on powerful features to help your education business grow.

  • Content SEO-friendly.
  • Easier to find content.
  • Flexible content types. 
  • Host zoom live streams directly in app.
  • Access levels with upgrade paths.
  • Restrict content behind signup or payment walls.
  • No member limits or prohibitive pricing.

... and much more!



✓ Posts, live chats, direct messages
✓ Host simple online courses
✓ Use with your events
✓ Direct embeds (Google Docs, videos, forms, etc)

✓ SEO-friendly platform
✓ Create access levels for content & 
✓ Build upgrade flows

✓ Unlimited community members and posts
✓ Integrations (Zapier, HubSpot, Custom Webhooks)

FAQs about the Community Education Platform

Getting started with the Keyy Community Education Platform is absolutely free!

When you join the (free) Education Business Builders community, you will see step by step instructions. It’s as simple as registering your free community and inviting your community of learners.

All the major tools that you’ll need to run your education business. And we’re working on more all the time.

Creators of educational content and experiences. Trainers, coaches, course leaders and workshop facilitators. Anyone from business mentors to ukulele teachers. Basically, anyone who wants to build a thriving community to share their knowledge with.

Ready to start your community?

If all this sounds like a good idea to you, we’re ready when you are