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Come and meet the rest of the Education Business Builders Community

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This community is for people who want to grow their education business

If you want to spend more time helping people learn and less time learning how to grow your business, you’re not alone.

Everyone in this community has been spending too much time messaging people 1-1 on various platforms and scrabbling for business.

But, now, they’re helping more people than ever, whilst having more free time and a subscription-based education business - that doesn’t rely on more hours and work for more rewards.


What actually goes on inside the community?

All sorts of amazing things. And it’s powered by the community themselves. A helpful community of education business owners who are working together to make more of a difference to the world around them.

And in the end, it benefits each creator’s own learners and communities too. Here’s what you’d get once you join in:

  • Sharing wins and learnings with people in your position
  • Collaborating on exciting projects, content and opportunities together
  • Having a sounding board from people who face the same challenges you do

Come and join in

We’ve got all kinds of creators inside the community chatting about all sorts of relevant stuff

This community is filled with amazing creators who love to share knowledge and help other people. From teaching ukulele to mentoring c-suite execs, when we share ideas and experiences, it helps everyone inside.

You never know who you’ll meet inside and what doors it’ll open. Take a look - it’s easy to get set up and connect with more brilliant minds.


Step 1: Find a community

Join 3+ communities on Keyy

Your first step is to join three or more collectives on topics you want to learn and master.

Need a little help picking? Here are a few we recommend:

Step 2: Introduce yourself in the communities chat

Introduce yourself in the community’s chat

Existing community members LOVE meeting and learning about new members.

Step 3: Browse channels and posts

Browse channels and posts

Take some time in each community to review the content already there. Below is an overview of how to navigate the content in a community.

Step 4: Ask questions

Ask a question or make a post

As an active learner, it’s likely you have some questions related to the collective’s topic you want to be answered.

Let’s add to the discussion by posting your first question or making a post in each community.

Plus many more exclusive features and benefits to help you take your business further.


FAQs about the Education Business Builders Community

It’s free to sign up, but in case you were wondering some other things…

It’s free. Zilch. Nada. Gratis. You just have to join in!

Anyone who has or wants to build their own business of training, teaching or mentoring other people. And wants to be surrounded by like-minded creators.

Ideas, learnings, wins, collaboration opportunities and loads of engaging conversations between inspiring creators who all want to help millions unlock greatness by transforming how the world learns.

Keyy. Our purpose-built platform for a community who all want to learn and grow in the same area - building an education business.

To join in! Simple as that. As long you’re learning, sharing and collaborating, you’re in.

Ready to join the free community? Step inside and meet other amazing creators